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Cave Point Engagement Session | Amanda & Ansel | Door County Engagement Photographer


June 20, 2019


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When Amanda contacted me, she had seen a photo of Cave Point online and had her heart set on having her & Ansel’s Engagement Session in Door County. She dreamed of their session being on the bluffs along the lakeshore over the sparkling emerald waters. Come spring she would be starting a temporary position in Door County and far away from their home in Texas. She wanted to plan a weekend for Ansel to visit and have a session liked she dreamed of.

Amanda & Ansel met while Ansel was in his “super senior,” year in college. Meanwhile, she was in her sophomore year of their Ocean Engineering Degrees at Texas A&M. They were both working as student divers at the Offshore Technology Research Center. They started dating a year after Ansel graduated and after realizing what everyone around them seemed to already know. Note, I could hear her giggle a little here when I read this in one of her emails. Now here they are getting married next April on their 4th Anniversary together.

Amanda & Ansel enjoy being outdoors in nature hiking, camping, and traveling. They have a goal to visit every National Park in America together and actively checking parks off their list. Although they don’t get to scuba dive as often as they like, it’s one of the hobbies they love doing together most. Making sure to get under the water together at least once a year.

“I need her love, adventures, and challenges to make me happy.”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they both have a strong love for Chocolate. Since when I asked them what one thing besides each other they couldn’t live without, they both answered chocolate. With a strong second being cheese, I think that means they were made to have their Engagement Session here in Dairyland. Although, to be fair…Ansel did only state those because he forced into picking something important that wasn’t Amanda. This is what his initial answer was, “I need her love, adventures, and challenges to make me happy.”

If you look throughout these images it becomes evident very quickly how smitten he is with her and it’s a glorious thing to see. These two have nothing but kind, enduring, and supportive words as they spoke to each other and share their stories about one another. It makes my heart happy when I edit an image and see a light burning so intense for each other like these two. They are going the full distance and never turning back.

Speaking of never looking back and instead looking forward to their Wedding Day the moment Ansel is most anticipating and excited for most is seeing Amanda walk down the aisle and Amanda couldn’t be more excited about their honeymoon on a liveaboard diving in the Philippine Sulu Sea.

Ansel describes Amanda as graceful in heart & mind as well as in appearance and action. He thinks of her as prodigiously thoughtful, honest, strong, & adventurous.

“He is patient, passionate, selfless, thoughtful & intentional with his actions and words, and of integrity.”

Amanda also had kind words to describe Ansel, saying he is patient, passionate, selfless, thoughtful & intentional with his actions and words, and of integrity. She also said he would be better at answering this than she, however, I think they both had such beautiful words to describe their partner and its clear they have a strong admiration for each other.

Did anyone else’s heart just sink? But wait, because your hearts about to sink a little more. It’s okay, they will dive in and get it for you. // Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t start with this bad pun intentionally, it just came out.

Amanda & Ansel, I hope you have the most incredible Wedding Day next April and that life brings you nothing but joy, love, & continued adventure hand in hand. We absolutely adore you!

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